Our team

Great American Paper, Inc.
began with two employees
in Tampa, Florida.

Today, Great American Paper has over 250 employees and hundreds of customers around North America. Its two dedicated interior packaging facilities house advanced equipment for both corrugated and solid fiber packaging.

For over 35 years, Great American Paper, Inc. has set the standard for quality interior packaging. It blends the personalized service of a family-owned company with the competitive prices of larger manufacturers. For an innovative solution to your interior packaging needs, contact Great American Paper, Inc. today.

Mission Statement

Great American Paper, Inc. is absolutely committed to leading the industry in customer service. Our goal is to provide our customers with high quality, low cost corrugated and solid fiber interior packaging throughout North America. Our level of customer care is exemplified by our unparalleled lead times on quotes and orders. We are dedicated to approaching each day with passion and commitment to ensure that we meet and exceed customer expectations.